MyPros is a web-based project monitoring and management platform embedded with Geographic Information System and Visual features for monitoring and auditing all kind of location-oriented and projects like construction, maintenance, engineering & planning, mining, surveying, oil, and gas, energy, utility, healthcare, and many others.

General project monitoring and management solutions treat the location-oriented projects in the same way with office-based projects and ignore their locational details and their specific management requirements. So they mostly care about the questions of WHO, WHAT, WHEN, and HOW but ignore the other important element of the projects, which is WHERE. In locational projects like construction, mining, planning, surveying, maintenance, engineering, oil & gas even healthcare the locational details of each project parameters can be very important and in some cases vital for the success of the entire project. WHO+WHAT+HOW+WHEN+ WHERE= MyPros MyPros provides you such a mature solution in which you can find the answers to all your questions in your project management related to Who, What, When, How, and Where.

Makes project monitoring and management easier and visual Provides geographical perspective Visualize all project data Schedule your plan Manage your processes and tasks Improves work quality optimizes projects resources Measure performances Increases efficiency Frees from wasting time Reduces the cost Improves business growth and development

Real-time monitor your projects through its Dynamic visual and geographical Dashboards Locate your projects on the map by using its GIS and Map Functions Track your assets, personnel and material resources by Monitoring Features Assign and manage work processes and tasks by its Task Management Functions Generate locational tasks by its Task Manager Measure performance and determine the risky projects by its Performance Indicators Track your earned values and Estimate your future time and cost by Estimation Tools Schedule and follow the project steps by its Gantt Chart Monitor the geo-referenced photos and videos from the project field by its Visual Features Automate notifications and alerts by its Communication Capabilities Observe all expenses by its Cost Management Customize your dashboard and software by its Dynamic Structures