Gantt Chart

MyPros provides you all the necessary time planning tools and functions in the GANTT CHART. It allows you to associate your time schedules with task management and map functions. You can create all your time plans, add threshold, and subtasks without the need for other project planning software or tool.


Location Oriented

Associating your project time plans with their locational details helps you understand the ''WHERE'' and ''WHEN'' details of the project phases and tasks and manage them simultaneously. Geographical perspective enables you to create more realistic and optimum project plans, thus help their realisation on time.


Task Related

MyPros provides you a time planning tool to ASSOCIATE each defined phase, task, and subtask of your project plan with its TASK management functions. This ensures each part of the schedule is accomplished within its period by using all task management functions within Mypros.


Import Export

If you have already designed project plans in other popular project planning software programs, you can IMPORT them into MyPros. You can also EXPORT your project plans into various formats.