Task Process

You can DEFINE your task process, roles, assigners, and assignees by using definition tools according to your organisational preferences and management procedures then use these definitions automatically in your task management. MyPros also allows you to import your WORKFLOWS from other popular Workflow applications.


Task Tracking

TRACK and MONITOR all tasks on maps, and diagrams by using task management functions of MyPros. You can verify if the tasks are on schedule or not and who causes delays and take necessary precautions in a timely manner. You can also monitor all pending, completed, and current tasks on map and do geographical analysis for your overall task performance.


Locational Task

MyPros allows you to assign locational tasks, which are necessary for location-oriented projects. In addition to the time and scope, you can determine the location of the task. It helps your assignees to learn what task, when, and where they will do.


Notifications and Reports

The notification tool informs the assignees about their current, pending, and time-critical tasks. Assigner can also be notified when the assignments are COMPLETED or NEGLECTED. You can generate task reports and also see the task performance on the dashboard.