Define Your Project on Map

You can define your project area and other locational details by using map functions. You can use different markers and symbols for project points, project areas, and other necessary spatial details of your projects.


Geometry Tools

You can use geometric tools to draw line, polyline, polygon, square, circle to define locational details of your projects. You can select different colors for any purpose.


Different Base-maps

Mypros provides you with different base-maps like aerial, hybrid, OpenStreetMap, roadmap, or terrain maps. You can choose the most suitable base map to geographically manage and monitor your projects.


Display Cost Data on Map

Relating your cost data to the location provides you with what costs and expenditures were spent on the different parts of your projects. You can gain a geographical perspective in your project management and monitoring, so that you may control your costs and optimize your financial resources.


Add Archive Data on Map

MyPros provides you a Geo-Smart archiving option which enables you to relate all project documents to their locations. You can easily perform "search and find" functions to quickly find your documents.


Add Comments on Map

You can easily tag your notes and comments on map. It helps you and your team to remember the problems or events in your projects with their locations.


Video Streaming

MyPros increases the efficiency of your video camera monitoring. You can easily define your cameras and locate on map. You can stream your videos without the need or another software.